This charming town is known for its production of anchovies and the Costa Brava salt, as well as its old Mediterranean roots and traditions that their inhabitants have managed to keep and transmit throughout the centuries. The Anchovy and Salt Museum and the Alfolí building witness the value of these traditions.

It is located 15 minutes away from the archaeological site of Empúries, the gate of Greeks and Romans into the Iberian Peninsula.

The town has coexisted with tourism since 1960s but has kept the essence and character of a fishing village. Literature is also present in l'Escala, with renowned writers such as Caterina Albert and Víctor Mora. Caterina Albert under the pen name of Víctor Català wrote some of the best works of Catalan Literature, and she was buried in the beautiful whitewashed cemetery of l'Escala, which is possible to visit as well.

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