Why using a licensed guide?

We, licensed tour guides, love to show the best of our land because we love it and we like to share it with everyone! We live here so we know the province of Girona well. This is certainly helpful when it comes to designing itineraries and tailor-made routes, adapting them to the needs and preferences of each client.

We have the experience and necessary education to solve any unexpected events. We are flexible according to the group needs and we are always ready to give a piece of advise so clients can take advantage and keep exploring on their own during their free time.

We are responsible and committed to our job. Year after year we keep learning on specialized courses aimed at guides about local heritage, art, history, gastronomy, and any other matters that are new and can be of interest for us and our clients.

We offer guided tours to


Dalí Triangle

Dalí Triangle

Guided visit to the three Dalí sites
Girona city

Girona city

Guided tour in the old town of Girona

Who are we?

We are the association of licensed tour guides of Girona, interpreters of the artistical and historical heritage of the province of Girona.
All our memebers are professionals educated in this profession and licensed by the government of Catalonia. We are passionate about art, history, culture and gastronomy. We enjoy sharing ideas with our colleagues and we organise trainings in order to update and broaden our knowledge on these matters year after year. We are delighted in receiving visitors, this provides us the chance to show them the best of Girona, sharing anecdotes and historical facts. Through guiding we open an interesting and fascinating world, and make any visit memorable.


This group of licensed tour guides of Girona works in different grounds to ensure that guides offer their best to visitors. We organise continuous trainings to update and broaden our knowledge on different matters, we are informed of the cultural guide in our province, and we are in touch with other associations of guides to improve our practice. We know and we love our land, which make us glad to have the chance to share it with foreigners. Our guides have different profiles, according to what they studied and their professional and life experiences, which make this association rich and varied. The result is that there are specialized guides for each type of tour and group, whether it is a walk in the nature, a historical tour, or a food and wine tour there will be always an expert guide for you.