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Preciosa ciutat mil·lenària fundada pels romans el segle I a. C., creuada pel riu Onyar i protegida per les seves muralles.
Coneguda amb el sobrenom de ciutat immortal, Girona és ciutat de museus, d’artistes i d’un important llegat jueu. La visita del seu call, al rovell del barri vell, sempre sorprèn al visitant.
De la ciutat monumental en sobresurten les dues icones més representatives: la catedral de Santa Maria i la basílica de Sant Feliu.
Passejar per la Rambla, enfilar-se a les muralles o fer un cafè a la plaça de la Independència són petits grans plaers per a gaudir del seu paisatge urbà i humà.
Els seus bonics racons i les seves llegendes han servit d’inspiració al món publicitari i cinematogràfic en nombroses ocasions.

All guided tours of: Girona city

Panoramic tour of Girona

This is a visit of approximately 1,5 hours without any entrances into sites that will allow us to discover the old town of Girona. We will see the exterior of the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants and the Arabic Baths; we will learn about the Cathedral and the old Jewish quarter; at the end of the visit we will walk in some of the streets used by the guilds back in time.

Medieval Girona

In this visit we will discover the beautiful romanesque architecture in town: the Arabic Baths, unique public baths building of this style in Europe, as well as the charming monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants and the chapel of Sant Nicolau.

Legends of Girona

This is a special visit suitable to the whole family because it’s based on the variety of city's legends what allows to discover the city in an easy way.

Jewish Girona

Girona's Jewish quarter, named Call, is qualified as the best preserved in Spain. It was formed around Força Street, near the Cathedral. This quarter, of narrow streets and mysterious corners, reached a population of 800 people in its best moment.

Secret places in Girona

This itinerary does not run through the typical and well known trails, instead it takes a close look at other themes maybe not so historical or monumental but for sure more daily ones .